Ski course

On 28th February  a ski course began for students of our grammar school, secondary school and also for another school of st. Faustina from Dlha Luka. This event took place in The High Tatras, where students had a possibility of skiing in a famous Ski resort Strbske Pleso and with coming a better weather from Wednesday also in Tatranska Lomnica. Most children who were unable to skiing in the beginning  became a quite good skier at the end, of course, it happened under  the professional  supervision of  instructors. Skiers who were semi-professional could have improved their skills. We were accommodated in the hotel Forton in Stara Lesna. There we have, apart from a tasty food and nice rooms, also conference hall equipped with table tennis and billiard. In that  hall we had holly mass and sharing activities. Among students there was a good mood. In addition, what is the most important, nobody was hurt. So, that way it would be nice to say thanks to instructors for good organizing facilities and because they were very patient during the whole ski course.

Cirkevná spojená škola

Jiráskova 5

085 27 Bardejov

Telefón – sekretariát: 054/4722848

Základná škola sv. Egídia

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