Last Friday (11th March) I was honoured to take part in a very special event – the conference called “GO BILINGUAL“. It has been the 1st international conference since our bilingual grammar school was founded. Many teachers from different parts of our district attended, even my classmates were there, too.

The most important people were introduced to us. They were Dr Simon Uttley, the headmaster of our partner school in central London, and Mr Peter Pritchard, an experienced native speaker teaching in Slovakia.

The conference started with a couple of presentations which were given by Simon Uttley. He spoke about the History of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy in English Catholic schools.

After a short break we got back to our seats and the conference continued. Peter Pritchard took Simon’s place, and me, my classmates and everybody else in the room could be a part of a typical lesson where modern methods of studying and teaching were used. We did some exciting exercises, and we really enjoyed it when Peter said that “hamster” is “skrečok“ in Slovak language.

To sum up, the whole afternoon was amazing. When another conference takes place, I will definitely recommend it to everyone, and I’m really looking forward to the next conference with another special guests.

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